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What is electrosmog?

Electrosmog is produced by technically generated electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields.

Overstimulation burdens the nervous system

Due to constant overstimulation from mobile communication antennas, the use of smartphones and tablets, Wi-Fi systems, mobile phones and house wiring, humans can no longer find any peace and quiet. Exposure to radiation during the night in sleeping areas is very detrimental to the nervous system. These rays prevent people from entering the deep sleep phase and make it impossible for the body to fully regenerate. The body’s own defences are weakened by this over the long term. This results in sleep disorders, exhaustion, susceptibility to infection, burnout symptoms and, indeed, other serious illnesses.

Protect yourself from electrosmog

Any reduction in radiation is important for sleep quality and health. Measurements show which devices are causing radiation in your home and how this situation can be improved. It is easy to shield yourself against electrosmog from outside or from the immediate vicinity. Our shielding materials can be reused if you move to another house or apartment.

Smart use of phones, tablets, etc.

Wi-Fi systems, phones, mobiles, tablets, etc. have become an almost indispensable part of private and business life, even though it is known that the exposure to radiation is not entirely harmless. That’s why our geopathologists explain to customers how to use these technologies smartly. A large proportion of the rays can be avoided thanks to numerous little tricks and our vast expertise in the field of radio technology. Our geopathologists demonstrate on site where caution is needed and how to use these devices both consciously and safely. They help improve the situation so that there is no risk to your health and that a restful sleep is again possible.