Geopathologie Schweiz AG
Geopathologie Schweiz AG

Modern Building – Healthy Living!

Are you currently planning or buying a new home?

A geopathological consultation before the start of construction is well worth it. You can benefit from our great experience.

We offer you:

  • Investigations of building plots
  • Measurement in structural work
  • Measurement of properties before remedial actions or before they are sold

Cost CHF 490.- excluding travel expenses

Included in this price are the following:

  • Electro-biological, geopathological and geophysical measurements
  • Suggestions regarding solutions in cases of stress
  • Valuable geopathological construction tips
  • Important information regarding construction materials
  • Detailed measurement report
  • An additional measuring of 1-2 hours after rebuilding or moving into the building, expenses

Electro-biological measuring

  • Radiation intensity of mobile phone antennas
  • National railways network radio, rail electricity
  • High-tension cables
  • High-voltage cables in the earth
  • Transformer stations

Geopathological measuring

  • Magnetic rays
  • Water veins
  • Fault lines
  • Double zones, etc.

Geo-physical measuring

• Natural, static magnetic fields in the earth