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044 202 00 20

Construct modern buildings and live healthily!

Are you buying or planning your own home?

It is worth having a geopathological assessment before buying or starting the build. We give you advice on radiation-free construction and how to avoid physical construction faults.

The objective is to create a home in which you can feel well and calm, sleep well, rest and regenerate.

Certified geopathologist, architect and building biologist

Do you want measurements conducted on your plot of land or property before beginning building work, or in your apartment/house before signing the rental agreement? The investigation and measurements are carried out by certified geopathologists. Our team of geopathologists has extensive expertise in measurement technology and data interpretation. As a team of experts with experience of over 18’000 surveys, we develop customised solution concepts.

Intelligent construction in compliance with Geopathologie’s standards

As a builder/developer/owner, you will receive comprehensive advice during the assessment and our document about “healthy and intelligent construction in compliance with Geopathologie’s standards.”

Free advice during the construction phase

After taking measurements, we create a protocol for you with an overall assessment. We also specialise in providing recommendations for reducing any existing radiation loads. Our team of advisers are available at any time and at no cost to answer any questions you have during the construction phase.

We offer you:

  • Investigations of building plots
  • Measurement in structural work
  • Measurement of properties before remedial actions or before they are sold

Cost CHF 780.00 – excluding travel expenses

Included in this price are the following:

  • Electro-biological, geopathological and geophysical measurements, duration 1.5 – 2.5 hours.
  • Suggestions regarding solutions in cases of stress
  • Valuable geopathological construction tips
  • Important information regarding construction materials
  • Detailed measurement report
    An additional measuring of 3 – 4 hours after
  • rebuilding or moving into the building, expenses

Electro-biological measuring

  • Radiation intensity of mobile phone antennas
  • National railways network radio, rail electricity
  • High-tension cables
  • High-voltage cables in the earth
  • Transformer stations

Geopathological measuring

  • Magnetic rays
  • Water veins
  • Fault lines
  • Double zones, etc.

Geo-physical measuring

  • Natural, static magnetic fields in the earth

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+41 44 202 00 20

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