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Do not tell us in advance what problems you suffer from

If you wish, our professional geopathologists can conduct a comprehensive assessment at your
home and record all the factors that could be making you ill.

A fascinating experience

Treat yourself to three hours during which you and your family can gain an insight into the
subjects of earth radiation, electrosmog and the earth’s magnetic field within your own home.

27 different components

Our geopathologists evaluate and record a total of up to 27 different components. Based on these measurements,
we can tell you what your health problems are and suggest some solutions.

Improve your quality of life

Our objective is to improve your wellbeing. Our geopathologists will give you professional advice, including
shielding options.


CHF 390.- flat rate for up to 5 people, excluding travel


Taking measurements: 2.5 - 3.5 hours

Working area

Throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein, in German or English

Travel costs

CHF 60.- 
Cantons: ZH, TG, SG, AI, AR, AG, SO, NE, GL, BE, SH

CHF 90.- 
Cantons: FR, BS, BL, JU, UR, ZG, LU, SZ, FL, NW, OW

Upon request:
Cantons: GR, VD, VS, GE

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