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Testimonials and messages of thanks

We publish the following messages of thanks with the kind permission of our clients:

Andrea Weber

Friendly and professional advice. Simple adjustments have made positive changes to my quality of sleep and general wellbeing. Many thanks.

Elisabeth Raez

I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful advice. My experience with Geopathologie Switzerland was consistently positive.

I suffered from a wide range of medically unexplained symptoms. Very poor/disturbed sleep, continual restlessness (which largely improved very soon after leaving the house), then huge tiredness, painful neck/back and stomach aches, just to mention a few. I was examined several times by different doctors but they never came to a diagnosis.

I was in great pain every day. I was in total despair and didn’t know what to do.
I then had a comprehensive consultation with Geopathologie and various measures were implemented.
After the initial worsening of my symptoms, which was very severe and took a lot of patience (it lasted a full 4 months), all my symptoms totally disappeared and I can now enjoy my life fully again.

Every time I move house, I will always consult the company again.
Many thanks to your whole team, which does a really great job!
Elisabeth Raez from Waldkirch

The Saurer family

Due to a Vega test, which revealed a magnetic force field, we were advised to have a geopathological investigation of our family house and its surroundings. I went online immediately and looked for a firm that does professional measurements and investigations, as well as consultations and I found Geopathologie Switzerland AG.

I was given very friendly advice and lots of information about geopathological assessments. I booked an appointment immediately. The evaluation was done in the summer holiday and confirmed to us, determined our physical symptoms, increased waking in the night, light sleep and joint stiffness in the morning.

Four weeks after rectifying the faults in the house and lots of great tips and advice, I can now say that the expense was more than worth it! Our sleep and wellbeing is so much better, even the whole atmosphere in the house is calmer and more peaceful. Shielding the frequencies of electrosmog and water veins, and switching off the WiFi has given us restful nights again.

Many thanks for everything!

The Molnàr family

Many thanks!

After implementing the recommendations, we are sleeping brilliantly and feel rested and relaxed in the mornings. It’s just wonderful!

Family with a young child

Many thanks for your kind and professional help.

The measurements helped us a lot. All of us found that our negative symptoms disappeared.

The state should provide an evaluation like this to every citizen for free because it is so important at the current time. But until then, I can really recommend Geopathologie Switzerland.

We were also given lots more important and interesting info about using mobiles and other devices that emit radiation.

Thanks for everything. FANTASTIC!

The Felber family from Zurich

Since we moved into a new flat and our children were born, my quality of sleep has deteriorated massively.
I was often woken by the slightest noises, I had to go to the toilet several times a night and couldn’t get more sleep in the morning, even though I was still tired. My health suffered and my immune system was weaker because I kept getting various infections and had chronic symptoms. I’d had a good experience with Geopathologie Switzerland some years ago when they assessed my parents’ house, so I decided to contact Geopathologie Switzerland again. The staff were from the outset very friendly and professional. The subsequent evaluations and measurements in our flat were carried out in a very structured and careful way. I was impressed by the extensive expertise of the geopathologists, their professional approach and the constructive solutions proposed. We implemented all the measures suggested to improve our sleeping areas. Only a few nights after rearranging our sleeping areas, the quality of our sleep was much improved. My sleep was deep and restful again. Now, 8 weeks after the rearrangements, I can feel real improvements in my health. I feel much more vital, stronger and have lots more energy. My chronic health problems have almost disappeared. My husband and children are also sleeping better and more restfully after the rearrangements. Merci beaucoup Geopathologie Switzerland.

Ms Schubiger from Zurich

My family and I couldn’t sleep well. Our 8 year old son also had difficulties concentrating. Friends recommended us Geopathologie Switzerland.

We found the evaluation by Mr Grob very pleasant, informative and comprehensible. He always explained to us everything he was measuring and what it benefits. We were able to implement some of the changes as soon as he left. Such as putting the bed in a ‘better’ place. An electrician installed a network activator. With a simple click the current doesn’t flow at night. A mat was placed under our bed due to a water vein. These measures have helped us sleep better and restfully again. We wake up when the alarm goes off and feel ready to start our days.

Our home has become a sanctuary again.

Dr. med. Urs Peter Trüb, Zurich

From many years of experience, I can warmly recommend the company Geopathologie Schweiz. With their enormous professional know-how, the institution contributes valuable services to health care.

I wish the whole team continued success.

With the kind permission of our clients, we re-print the following ‚thank you‘ letters below:

Ms A. Meier

Dear Mr Litscher,

How time flies… I’ve been sleeping in shielded areas for 3 months now! And I must say, it was worth it! I’m sleeping better and more restfully. 
The heart palpitations have stopped, the tensions have improved and I don’t feel restless any more when I go to bed. 
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your excellent and professional consultation!

All the best for the future and

best wishes, A. Meier

2016 – Mr. K. from Meilen

You have helped us a great deal. I would like to thank you for your efforts and for your friendly manner. In no way can it be taken for granted how much passion you put into your work. THANK YOU.

"A stressful situation for the whole family"

For a long time, Mr and Mrs. Fassmann from Steffisburg had suspected that something wasn’t right in their house.
The Fassmann’s five-month old daughter Elin woke up crying several times every night even though she was perfectly healthy. For over a year, Mrs. Fassmann got up three to four times every night in order to comfort her little one. It was a very stressful situation for the whole family.

On examining the house in November, 2010, our geopathologist discovered that all of the family of five’s bedrooms were affected by a wide water vein. In addition, a mobile phone antenna, situated 100 metres away, radiated into both bedrooms of the nine-year old twins. Values of up to 230 uW/m² were measured. The biological guide value for bedrooms is maximum 5 uW/m². Moreover, little Elin was subject to the radiation projected from a neighbour‘s DECT telephone.

Mr. And Mrs. Fassmann were not particularly surprised by the results of the measurements, if anything, they were rather relieved. Their assumptions had been proven correct. The couple did not hesitate and had the water vein isolated extensively by means of BioProtect shielding plates. Our CAB fleece was mounted in the twins‘ rooms to protect against the irradiation from the mobile phone antenna. The Fassmans presented their neighbours with an inexpensive, low-radiation telephone as recommended by us, therefore solving the problem in Elin’s room.
Three weeks after the remedial actions, Elin slept the whole night. Two years have passed since, and this is still the case.

Mr. Fassmann also slept badly, waking up very often and sweating profusely. He very often had to change his pyjamas in the middle of the night. He wondered why this was the case only when he was at home, as he slept well and did not sweat while away on holiday.

After the shielding the sweating began to recede gradually and has only re-occurred very rarely in the last two years. In addition, Mr. Fassmann suffered from pains in his knees. He was plagued by these pains for one and a half years with no abnormalities detected and in spite of undergoing therapy. After the remedial actions, things began to get better. Nowadays, Mr. Fassmann can go jogging again without any complaints.

The Fassmann family made another interesting observation. «Before falling asleep, both of our twins had to get up four or five times every night as they felt the need to pass water. After the shielding, this stopped. This took us completely by surprise!»

Two years after the examination, Mr. And Mrs. Fassmann are still grateful: «The decision to have a geo-pathological examination carried out was worthwhile for the whole family. We are very happy about the quality of life we have rediscovered.“

"For four years I suffered from massive sleeping problems."

Four years long, Mrs. Corpataux from Riffenmatt followed all the good suggestions she had received from everywhere and everyone in order to be able to enjoy a relaxing sleep. Ensuring that she had a quiet evening, drinking tea, meditating, always going to bed at the same time and many other tips provided no success at all. She longed for being able to sleep through the night for one whole week.

Mrs. Corpataux suffered greatly from these sleeping problems, accompanied by pounding heartbeats and states of anxiety. When she had finally fallen asleep, she woke up again for no reason in the middle of the night and lay awake for a long time. «In the mornings I was often so tired and so exhausted during the day that I no longer knew how I could get through the day. My mind was becoming more and more unstable.» Mrs. Corpataux is an employee in a care home and had to be off work twice as she became depressed. She was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Barbiturates helped her through the worst, but soon she also had to take antidepressants.

In April, 2012 our geopathologist examined the Corpataux family’s premises. He detected a water vein in combination with a double zone around Mrs. Corpataux’s sleeping area. Her husband, who slept in the same double bed, was not affected in any way. In addition, electrical fields were measured in the bedroom, caused by the home installations and high-frequency exposure from a DECT telephone and the WLAN router.

Mrs. Corpataux’s bedroom was shielded with the BioProtect system, the telephone was replaced and a mains disconnector installed. The wireless LAN is seldom used and only switched on briefly as and when required.
«Since the shielding I have been able to sleep deeply and restoratively once again. If I do happen to wake up in the night, I no longer lie awake as before, I can find my sleep again. In the morning I get up well-rested, I am no longer irritated and I don’t have psychological problems any more. I’m also able to do without the barbiturates and antidepressants. It feels like being born again.

Nobody had ever told me that radiation can be responsible for such symptoms. Fortunately I was made aware of the company Geopathologie Schweiz.

"From the very beginning, I didn’t feel well in our house."

A lightning conductor construction functions according to the Faraday’s Cage principle. This Faraday’s Cage and multiple earthings cause disturbances in the earth’s natural magnetic field.

The many years of geopathological experience we have gained shows that a lightning protective system can cause considerable wellbeing impairments over time. Mrs. Hinder from Küsnacht noticed this very clearly. She describes her situation as follows:

«I didn’t feel well in our house from the very beginning. Every day I was plagued by headaches. As soon as I was outside the house, this pressure inside my head went away. At night I had very serious sleeping problems but couldn’t find a reason for them. In desperation I moved out of the bedroom various times, yet I couldn’t sleep any better anywhere else in the house. On waking up I didn’t feel rested, I was tense and often crushed.

The geopathologist explained to me that the lightning protection system could be responsible for these symptoms and he advised me to have the device deactivated by a technician, as an experiment.

The technician promised to carry out the work as soon as the steep roof had dried out completely. After spending more nights with considerable sleeping problems, I awoke one Wednesday morning and was amazed at how well I had slept and how free and easy my head felt. Full of joy, I told this to my husband. And the following morning as well, I woke up feeling very relaxed and was fit and full of energy, and yet I wasn’t able to explain why this was so.

Several days later I asked the technician when he would deactivate the lightning protector system. He told me he had already done this the previous Tuesday. It’s almost unbelievable for me . All of the symptoms have since disappeared.

A year has passed since this happened. My whole family feel great, they are all healthy and enjoy very relaxing sleeps. We would like to thank the team at Geopathologie Schweiz very much.»

A report on personal experience sent to us by R. Fischer from the Canton Argovia

For many years I felt well in my apartment and in the adjoining offices, where I spent most of the day working as a self-employed graphics designer.

The change came gradually. My sleep deteriorated week by week. Even though I went to bed tired, five minutes later I was wide awake. I noticed that I could no longer switch off my thoughts and therefore couldn’t get to sleep.
Over time my sleep began to become very light. Once I did fall asleep I awoke startled, and was unable to explain why. The quality of my sleep deteriorated more and more. Obviously, I woke up tired in the mornings. This tiredness developed into a permanent feeling of exhaustion and then at some time did not go away throughout the whole day. I often lost my patience with my clients on the telephone, I was visibly stressed and of course, completely fatigued. My condition became worse and worse. My performance levels dropped, I became more restless and more nervous and was on the verge of a burnout. Friends I played sports with noticed all of this, which led to a lengthy discussion with them. One of them recommended me to contact Geopathologie Schweiz.

I could readily identify with the contents on this company’s website. The descriptions of how illnesses progress and their symptoms corresponded exactly to what I had been experiencing. And although I was still very sceptical, I arranged for a geopathological examination.

The measurements made by the competent geopathologist were very enlightening for me. In my bedroom I was being subject to the radiation of a nearby, newly-installed mobile telephone antenna. In the bedroom, the living room and in the working area, values of up to 870 uW/m2 were measured. In a bedroom, the value 5 uW/m2 should not be exceeded.

Even the expert was surprised by such high values, and he was sure that my health problems were triggered by this stress. I was told that being exposed to such a high intensity of radiation around the clock could have fatal consequences.

I wanted to avoid moving at all costs and was therefore relieved to hear that there were shielding possibilities. I took advantage of this immediately and had the recommended CAD shielding fleece installed.

The effect was amazing. After only a few weeks I could fall asleep and sleep the whole night without interruption. My sleep has become deep and calm again, which has led to me being able to get up in the mornings well-rested. I am very pleased that I can perform once again in an effective, resilient and balanced manner.

I am shocked that mobile telephone antennas can have such effects on our health and that the population is not informed of this.

2011 – Mrs. Ilona Mohr

In our newly-built apartment, diffuse health problems developed over the year. We suffered from complaints such as muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, joint aches, rheumatic aches, profuse sweating at night, stiffness in the mornings and headaches on waking up. In addition, we regularly woke up at around 03.00 in the night, not feeling well and with pounding heartbeats. In the mornings we got up feeling tired and crushed.

One day, a colleague gave us a tip, recommending us to look up the subject of geopathy in Internet and to have the bedroom tested for disturbing factors (water veins, electro smog, etc.) In this way, an appointment with Geopathologie Schweiz came about.

The measurements which Geopathologie Schweiz carried out revealed that in addition to there being a double zone, various other disturbing factors contributed to a stressful sleeping environment. We had the steps which were recommended by the geopathologist carried out in the following weeks.

Since the remedial actions have been undertaken, we constantly sleep through the whole night, we feel well in bed and get up in the mornings feeling well-rested. The rheumatic complaints and the muscle tensions have decreased noticeably, the state of not feeling well and the pounding heartbeats have completely disappeared. We no longer suffer from headaches on waking up in the morning. There has been a clear improvement in our health. We have regained our regenerative sleep and a great deal of quality of life.

We would like to thank the team at Geopathologie so very much for all their efforts as well as for their competent and friendly consulting. We can very gladly recommend Geopathologie Schweiz any time.

2011- Mrs. Christine Gächter

In July, 2009, a geopathologist of Geopathologie Schweiz AG measured our bedrooms.

In the parent’s bedroom, a water vein was discovered across the whole double bed. For the first time, this gave me an answer as to why I had been suffering from aches in the small of my back and the ever-changing joint pains which I had felt for many years. Every two years I had bought a new mattress in the hope of getting some relief. The situation improved mostly only for a very short time and did not continue.

The situation in the bedrooms was then immediately remedied with a few measures: the Magnet mattress was replaced by an Embru mattress, since permanent magnets are not good. The radio / alarm clock was replaced by a battery-driven alarm clock, and a mains disconnector was installed, the fault line was shielded by the BioProtect shielding system provided by Geopathologie Schweiz.

Finally I could sleep better and had fewer pains, night by night. After a few weeks the pains disappeared and have not returned since. I have been able to relax and regenerate in my sleep once more, which was not the case for many years. I am happy and satisfied thanks to the measures which Geopathologie Schweiz has undertaken for us. It would be so nice if a lot more people could be relieved of their suffering. It’s actually quite simple …

Letter from Mrs. Meyer, March, 2011

Dear Team Members at Geopathologie Schweiz

I would never have believed what I am now experiencing as a result of your measuring and protection system. Why did I wait for so long?

For many, many years I wandered around night after night as I felt so bad in the bedroom. My head was always somehow numb, my heartbeat raced wildly, I was dizzy and I had terrible nightmares. In short, I felt really bad. It was only towards midnight that I started to feel better.

And now, after the shielding and a new bed have been installed, I feel as if I have been born again. I wake up less often and sleep presumably much more deeply as I wake up in the mornings fresh and well-rested. Whereas previously I had often got up at four o’ clock in the morning since I could no longer stand it, now I would prefer to stay in bed a little longer than usual. One can really nestle in the warmth and experience an ease which elates. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you, for everything!

My sister-in-law and my brother also had the measuring carried out and the protection installed, together with purchasing new beds, and they too are glowing with praise. I should mention here that my brother often laughed at me when I spoke about harmful radiation. But now he too is convinced that they exist and that they can be isolated. He and his wife would like to join me in expressing our thanks to you.

Mrs. Rohner, Canton Grisons

For 10 years I have been suffering from heavy pains in my joints. My doctor diagnosed this as soft tissue rheumatism. In addition, I suffer greatly from tinnitus in my left ear.

For professional reasons, I spend three months every year in California, in March and then form November to December. Every time I was there, my joint aches almost disappeared, yet no sooner had I got home again than the symptoms re-appeared.

By chance I happened to watch a television report about the company Geopathologie Schweiz, which appealed to me immediately. The geopathologist came to our house and measured everything. Without us giving him any information, he recognised all of our problems immediately.

It was possible to successfully shield the earth rays by means of the recommended remedial actions. In addition, we are no longer subject to electro smog as a result of having installed a mains disconnector.

For more than a year now I have been able to live without painkillers and my tinnitus has almost completely disappeared. My husband no longer suffers from nightmares.

For all of this, we would like to thank the Geopathologie team very much, – our whole quality of life has been improved so greatly.

The Peier Family, Zurich

In September, 2005, your geopathologist carried out a comprehensive measuring of the radiation in our bedroom. Wow! So much came to light! Step by step, we instigated the measures which had been recommended to us. The effects were noticeable even after a very short time.

I have previously suffered from slight depression and at night I slept so tensely that my jaw ached in the mornings. In addition, my husband and I slept very restlessly and in the mornings we felt tired, simply not well-rested and at times we also had backache.

My depressive state of mind and the teeth clenching at night simply disappeared in a short time. The quality of sleep we now experience is absolutely super! We enjoy a deep and solid sleep. The morning backaches no longer exist either.

We were excellently supported by the Geopathologie team at all times. And with their telephone helpline, the consulting team is always ready to listen to us.

We are very grateful and can wholeheartedly recommend Geopathologie Schweiz, which we have already done to our circle of friends.

Thank you very much as well for the annual newsletter, which makes very interesting reading.

The Schranz Family, Zurich

The measuring which your geopathologist carried out was a very positive experience for us. His clear explanations and very sympathetic responses to our problems were very beneficial for us. Simply great!

Our sleeping behaviour has already changed for the good. We fall asleep more quickly and the waking phases during the night have reduced to almost zero. In the mornings we are no longer ‚whacked‘ and I don’t have backaches any more. How glad I am about that!

We would like to thank the team at Geopathologie Schweiz very much and wish them all continued success and the necessary confidence of their clients, which we have also become.

Mrs. P. from Bern

Four months ago we had remedial actions carried out on our bedroom, and I am feeling considerably better. In the beginning I experienced some initial deterioration. Luckily, I had been forewarned by you that this might occur. There were sleepless nights, tiredness and for a good seven days quite a depression, but now all this is over and I feel great.

The quality of sleep is perfect – I sleep through the whole night and am no longer tired in the mornings, I have a lot more energy and power!

For over three years I had had recurring intestinal cramps and pains which unfortunately couldn’t be diagnosed. I was told that there might be a myoma or an endometriosis, polyps could not be ruled out either. As I never received a concrete response about these issues, I turned to Geopathologie Schweiz in November 2008
Only a week after having had the bedroom shielded, the pains in my colon had gone. I was amazed and just asked myself if it really was this double zone which had caused these pains. I still believe today that this was really the case, as I hardly have any pains now and I recall that you had written to me explaining that double zones also irritate the vegetative nervous system.

The next surprise on our side was that the latest pregnancy test was positive! I still can’t believe it, I am actually pregnant!

Local Community Administration Office in Rüti – René Baumann

Geopathologie Schweiz gave our staff a presentation in order to inform us about and to sensitize us to the possible risks of radiation of all kinds. The presentation instilled a more conscious use of the devices in question among many of our employees and led to several remedial measures being taken in our offices and at home. The presentation was very well received and today, many years later, we still receive positive feedback on it.

Mrs. Wyss, Canton Berne

Dear Geopathology Team,

The mains disconnector has now been installed and the shielding fleece has been mounted, and now I feel super. I can sleep very well and I am not exhausted any more in the mornings. My back problems have disappeared, the depression as well. The permanent headache and the strange pressure inside my head have gone. I am very happy. As a patient at the Inselspital hospital in Bern, I will inform my doctor about all of this progress. Many thanks for everything!

Mr. Singer, Zurich

A few years ago I woke up every night after about 2 hours‘ sleep. I could no longer lie in bed, I had to get up in spite of the discomfort in doing so. In addition, I always felt the need to pass water. I thought to myself that something must be wrong, as I was only 40 years young.

My parents gave me the address of Geopathologie Schweiz. It turned out that my partner and I were sleeping over a water vein..

The geopathologist carried out the remedial actions on the bedroom and the situation promptly improved. We also received many other good tips regarding our health.

Once again, we would like to thank the Geopathologie Schweiz team very much.

Mrs. Hohl

Your consulting was super, my complaints have all gone, simply vanished. I have very good memories of Geopathologie Schweiz.

We intend to build a house. Once the project becomes more definite, I will contact you again regarding a survey of the plot.


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