Geopathologie Schweiz AG
Geopathologie Schweiz AG

An exciting and informative experience!

Our solution-oriented geopathologists take time for you!

Would you like to know whether your illness or your sleeping problems are caused by radiation exposure? Our experienced geopathologists will measure the radiation and show you how this can be avoided, reduced or insulated against.

And even after we have carried out the measuring, our internal consulting team are available to you at all times, free of charge.


Geopathological Measuring

  • Earth rays
  • Underground water veins
  • Fault lines
  • Double zones

Geophysical Measuring

  • Natural, static geomagnetic field

Electro-biological Measuring

  • Radiation intensity of mobile phone antennas
  • Railway network radio system, traction current
  • High-tension cables
  • High-tension cables in the earth
  • Transformer stations
  • Home installations
  • DECT telephones
  • WLAN / Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Radio intensity of electrical devices