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044 202 00 20

Electrosmog and earth radiation such as water veins cause complaints such as backache, depression, burnout symptoms and sleep problems

Welcome to the biggest geopathological institute in Europe

For over 20 years, the experienced specialists at Geopathologie Switzerland AG have been tackling sleep problems and illnesses caused by water veins, earth dislocation, electrosmog and other disruptions in the earth’s natural magnetic field.

Certified geopathologists

Our vastly experienced certified professional geopathologists have assessed over 19’000 homes. About 100 evaluations are carried out each month for new clients. Our geopathologists have unrivalled experience when it comes to taking measurements, interpreting data and developing solution options, having applied these methods daily for many years. 

Geopathological evaluations

  • Houses and apartments
  • Land plots
  • Shell constructions
  • Properties prior to purchase or rental contracts

Geopathological assessments provide information. Our experienced geopathologists take on-site measurements of:
electrosmog, earth radiation such as water veins, earth dislocation, etc. and disruptions of the earth’s magnetic field and show you how you can reduce or shield yourself from this radiation.

Free point of contact

Geopathologie Switzerland AG is a free point of contact for all matters regarding radiation exposure.
Phone consultations are always free.
We are happy to hear from you!

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The company Geopathologie Schweiz AG avails of professional geopathologists with backgrounds in architecture, construction biology and aviation, a naturopath and a very competent consultancy team.

The company staff members give presentations and seminars at medical congresses and in architectural circles, they teach at the College of Natural Medicine and work very closely with renowned clinics and various companies.

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