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Electro smog and earth rays such as water veins cause complaints such as sleeping disorders, depression, back ache and burnout symptoms 

Electro smog and earth rays measurements
Our qualified professionals offer specific solutions

For over 16 years, qualified professionals at the Geopathologie Schweiz AG institute have been concerned with sleeping problems and illnesses caused by water veins, fault lines, etc, by electro smog and by disturbances in the earth’s natural magnetic field.

We avail of an experience potential in over 15,000 investigations carried out in

• Houses and apartments
• Workplaces
• Building plots
• Structural work
• Properties prior to being rented or sold

A geopathological investigation produces findings. Our experienced geopathologists carry out on-site measurements of electro smog, the stresses caused by earth rays such as water veins, fault lines, etc. as well as faults in the earth’s magnetic field. They then demonstrate how these rays can be reduced or shielded. Our competent consultancy team can always be contacted by phone, free of charge.

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The company Geopathologie Schweiz AG avails of professional geopathologists with backgrounds in architecture, construction biology and aviation, a naturopath and a very competent consultancy team.

The company staff members give presentations and seminars at medical congresses and in architectural circles, they teach at the College of Natural Medicine and work very closely with renowned clinics and various companies.

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